Clothie App Reviews

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Doesn’t work

This app doesn’t work even half the time. It only gets half of the garment and then cuts the other half off. And yes I made sure THE ENTIRE garment was in the photo.

Great idea, not ready for prime time

Pretty great concept. Disappointed I can't export the pictures with the measurements on them to use for selling, and now I can’t seem to get any measurements at all. Clear pics, measurements seem to be accurate when they work, decent job cutting out backgrounds. Although the pics still have that piece of paper in them … Seriously,would be five stars if the measurements appeared every time and could be exported with the picture.

Need This To Work!!!

The power and idea behind this app is amazing.......if it worked??? Sometimes it does and sometimes BLAH👿 I have a vintage clothing resale shop! Taking clothing measurements quickly and accurately would save me a HUGE amount of time. When it works I can vouch for the fact that it is insanely accurate !!WHEN IT WORKS!! I've taken my own measurements and checked it against clothie measurements PERFECT. Please update and keep working out the bugs.... This app has the potential to turn ebay, Etsy's and other resale outlets on it head by saving the seller huge amounts of time. If this worked reliably I would pay 100.00 for it!!! Time is money, this not only saves time but shows the customer easy to understand measurements. I showed this to several other sellers and they ALL felt the same way....

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